Gran Barquero Pedro Ximénez
The PX canon   

It is not only the defining reference of Pedro Ximénez's sweet wine. Our Gran Barquero PX is also a symbol of quality in the markets of the world.
The key is its extraordinary expression. Bright, dense, very dark to the eye, its visible appearance gives way to a complex, deep set of aromas, reminiscent of dried plums and figs, coffee, cocoa, exotic woods ...
And what a mouth! warm, persistent, structured, with the enveloping and still fresh sweetness of the great PX. Impress.


93 Peñín points
92 Parker points

The sweet wine of reference, the culmination of the pleasure of the table


 ALCOHOL 15% Vol.

VARIETY 100% Pedro Ximénez

SERVE AT Room temperature or cold, ideally in a wine glass.

IDEAL WITH Classic and contemporary pastries. Ice cream, chocolate. Foie, blue cheeses. Perfect as a single drink, with ice.


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