Corazón Latino
A party wine, a wine for everything

Bright, happy, friendly. Corazón Latino always likes him. For its flavor, for its carefree personality, for its fragrant nuances. That is why it is the ideal wine to enjoy the best moments of party, friendship and joy.


 ALCOHOL 13% Vol.

VARIETY Mainly Pedro Ximénez.

SERVE IT Very cold, between 6 y 8 ºC.

IDEAL WITH Appetizers, salads, rice dishes, cold creams, seafood and fish, smoked meats, soft cheeses ... It is an ideal wine for summer and is perfectly suitable for combining with carbonated water and ice. It is also a very good option as a long drink in the evening.


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14550 Montilla (Córdoba) España
(+34) 957 650 500