A tour through the vineyards as well as a careful examination of their pressing houses and cellars and a thorough knowledge of both the production and ageing process cannot but make us appreciate one by one the wines of PEREZ BARQUERO.

Wines with own personality among the classics of Montilla-Moriles.

In the historic town of Montilla, South of Cordoba, a tradition of craftsmanship and wine making has been maintained since Roman times.

In 1905 the cellars of Perez Barquero were first established.

From its foundation, Pérez Barquero has continually dedicated itself to the production of the wine: from the selection of the best parcels of ground (chalky soils of the Sierra of Montilla and Moriles Alto); the harvesting, transport and pressing of the grape; the fermentation of the must. This is followed by a tasting and selection of the new wine which according to its characteristics will be aged in barrels to become either Fino, Oloroso, Amontillado or sweet Pedro Ximénez wine.

Pérez Barquero is now well known throughout the country and on top of the wines exports from the area.

The wines of Pérez Barquero are high quality wines that are appreciated all over the world.